Project Virage update 1

Automatic gearbox has had a full service and is working well – it’s a Chrysler Torqueflite 3 speed box A-727, they also did an overdrive 4 speed model from 1993 which had the later Torqueflite A-518 gearbox. This could well end up being a future conversion as it gives a 30% drop in engine speed in 4th gear and at 12 mpg any help with fuel efficiency would be greatly received.

New brake pads have arrived – went for EBC Red Stuff this time round as this seems to be the usual upgrade for the Virage – will be investigating the Pagid options for future replacement.

The brake discs will need skimming before the new pads go in, so thought I’d see how much a new set of discs would be – genuine Aston Martin ones are £500+ a pair!!! So I’ll be investigating alternatives to those as well – watch this space.

The remote boot release stopped working which was mildly inconvenient as the car is such a tight squeeze in the garage you can’t get the key in the lock to open it, so a quick dismantle of the trim proved it was nothing more than a bad earth. I can now park up, and then open the boot to connect the battery conditioner. Rather than trying to reverse in with the boot open :-)