Project Virage Update 2

The Virage was put into the workshop here in Leicestershire last week. The plenum chamber, fuel injection, etc removed to give access to those pesky Vacuum pipes.

All the narrow Polyvon vacuum pipes have now been replaced with nice new 4mm ID black silicon versions. The larger bore vacuum pipes from the cruise control pump to the adjuster and from plenum to Brake Servo etc have also been replaced with Silicon.

Most of the heater pipes on the bulkhead had given up the ghost, so those have also been replaced with black silicon pipe work. The vacuum operated heater valve on the bulkhead had completely corroded through and could explain the lack of coolant in general.

There have been a couple of other discoveries while going through this work:

1) the HT leads had been levered off in the past with screwdrivers – this had lead to a complete separation of the caps from the plug clips on two leads and meant the lead was arcing directly to the head rather than through the spark plug – could help explain the lack of power!

2) The Air pump which is used to add air to the exhaust to help the CATS warm up had been disconnected – as the car has no CATS we have removed the entire system. This saves a bit of weight and improves access under the bonnet.

3) The oil leak is dripping from the head gasket area – could this be from loss of coolant – it’ll be heads off over winter when we do the sills.

Finally we visited the AMOC spring concours on Sunday 18th at Ragley hall – there were some beautiful cars on show including a drop head DB2/4 in barn find condition – something to aim for in the future?

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Posted on May 21, 2014 at 10:19 am