Project Virage

The 1990’s V car series (Virage, V8 and Vantage) are relatively rare cars with only 1050 manufactured over the 10 years or so of production, the Virage is the first version of which there were only 363 made.

Virages are generally viewed as the least loved of the Aston Martin range; this is mainly due to the often unreliable electronics, relative lack of power and their general dislike of getting wet.

That said it is an Aston Martin, and the 5.3 litre V8 has a glorious sound!

Built in 1991 this Virage is a largely original, unmolested example and therefore will provide a good basis for a rolling restoration.

The last of the Newport Pagnall, handmade Aston Martins the “V” cars body panels were individually crafted on an English wheel.  This means, as we tackle the areas starting to show corrosion both on the aluminium panels and the steel chassis, it will allow us to showcase our abilities at manufacturing replacement panels in house.

Along with the Vauxhall Magnum it will be out and about at local car shows over the summer, so keep an eye out and see it in it’s “before” state.

Virage RearVirage inside