RestorationOur team have completed many award winning restoration projects over the years, covering a wide variety of marques from pre-war through to modern era supercars.

In that time, Jaguar cars of the 1950’s and 60’s have formed the mainstay of our business and we are proud to be acknowledged as one of the world’s most respected specialists in the restoration of the E Type and we’ve just completed a 3 year nu and bolt rebuild of a 1961 OTS to benchmark standards for one of our most valued overseas clients.

Other restoration projects have included classic David Brown series Aston Martins, Porsche 911’s, many ‘big’ Healey’s, an AC Cobra and various Ferrari models including a 246 GTS Dino and a 308 GT4, though in truth, there’s nothing that we can’t turn our hands to and with the recent uplift in interest of more recent ‘young timers’, we’re seeing more hot hatches from the 80’s start to come into the workshop as values climb, including a lovely mid-engined Renault 5 Turbo and a surprisingly rusty Lamborghini Diablo that we restored from the ground up.

Each element of our restoration service is carried out at our workshops here in Twyford, Leicestershire which means that we control each and every stage of the process and on the rare occasions where we do outsource, as in the case of exterior paint, we choose our partners very carefully indeed, as the quality of their work directly reflects on ours and we’ll only ever do this if we believe the end result will ultimately ensure a better car.

Our small but perfectly formed team are hand picked for their expertise and attention to detail and we can take care of everything from a light recommissioning of your car, through to a full ground up restoration; we can even hand build a bespoke aluminium body from scratch, as we’re currently doing with the Triumph SLR project we are undertaking (and trust us, it looks absolutely breathtaking!)

Restoring a car to factory original standards (and more often than not, beyond that) really isn’t to be underestimated and we compete in a highly crowded market across the UK and indeed further afield.  People place their trust in RH Classics because we offer a combination high standards of workmanship with competitive terms.  If you choose to place your project with us, you won’t be paying for our full page ads in various classic car magazines, our historic race programme, or a super glitzy workshop that looks more like an operating theatre than a place of work, or an army of social media consultants; your bill will cover the cost of our time and expertise in restoring your car to an exceptionally high standard and nothing more – that’s our commitment to you.

If your car doesn’t require a ground up restoration, then we’d be delighted to undertake a range of work on your behalf, whether it’s a mechanical or cosmetic refresh, trim work, or even just scheduled servicing; we have the expertise to improve the appearance, mechanical health and indeed the value of your car without breaking the bank.

For the past 35 years, we’ve built our business by being very good at what we do, but not shouting about it too loudly; we like it that way and so do our many loyal customers who place real value on what we do.

Richard and Eli Hodson