Triumph SLR Project

We have been commissioned along side TR Enterprises to build a recreation of the only Triumph SLR. The SLR started life out as a Triumph TR4 and was used in competition from new in 1962 through into early 64. At this point Christopher Lawrence of Lawrencetune and coachbuilders Williams & Pritchard carried out excessive modifications to the car mechanically and designed and built a streamlined all aluminium bodyshell for it. This body was also applied to 3 Morgans of the era also.

The SLR had varying results over the next 3 years and continued in competitive racing all the way through to the present day. The car is prepared now and maintained by TR Enterprises who are the best in the business when it comes to running and preparing historic Triumph’s for motor racing.

While TR Enterprises will be building the mechanical components and the running gear, we have been asked to re-create the aluminium body-shell. The car has been digitally scanned and a wooden buck created for the outer skin to be formed over. This way we know an exact re-creation will be made rather than a close look-a-like.

In the mean time drawings and measurements have been done from the original car to allow us to start re-creating the inner sections of the shell.

The first stage was the chassis and body mounting points. TR Enterprises managed to source an excellent original undamaged chassis for us to use as a template to build the body on.

The basic structure is based around a light steel box section purely to attach the inner panels to. The strength of the car will come through its fabricated alloy structure and roll cage.

The construction of the inner panels is from a light weight aluminium, gaining it’s strength from various folds and box sections along with re-enforcing strips that are drilled and swaged for extra weight saving and extra strength. Various alterations are subtly made to improve the original design through experience and improvement of materials.

The aluminium panels are then riveted together ready for the outer skin.