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Welcome to our first blog of 2020.

With December and now January a distant memory; the close of 2019 saw us clear the decks of a number of long-term projects, allowing us to hit the new year with a host of new cars in the workshop.

These include two Alfa engine rebuilds, the fitting-up of a 911 SC following a body refresh, plus we’re progressing the 911 Targa restoration, which is now stripped and dipped.  The Ferrari 308 is running beautifully and the Alvis TD21 Drophead is due back from the paint shop, so fitting-up can commence.

Cars for sale include the timewarp 1927 Humber 14/40 Six Light Saloon, for sale at £19,995.  It’s just dripping in originality and comes with more than 75 years of history.  The 2008 Aston Martin V8 Vantage has been fully detailed by Mark, our resident paint expert and the results are stunning; the Onyx Black paint looks a million dollars, a touch less than its £32,490 asking price.

The Maserati 3200 GTA has been reunited with its original, restored wheels and surely makes the filthiest noise that £15,995 can buy. And finally, the lovely E Type V12 Roadster which is absolutely on the button and ready for spring.  At £72,995, it’s the best value V12 E Type on the market when you factor in its fabulous condition. Brand new into stock is an absolutely spectacular tool room AC Cobra 427 ‘Street model; a car we know very well indeed.  You couldn’t build one for it’s £139,995 asking price and try finding another example here in the UK, or even Europe…

Behind the scenes, we’re quietly working on a project to bring a ground breaking but forgotten sports racing car out of the shadows and back onto the track, where it belongs; more to follow soon….

On the car sourcing front, we were delighted to source an immaculate, original BMW 635 Coupe for one of our most valued long-term clients, who ran one back in the early 80’s as a company car and plans to use this one every day – well done John!  We’ve also scoured Europe to locate a mighty E34 M5 Touring for another loyal client.  Finding the perfect car in the right condition at the right price was a challenge, but that’s why we’re here and we were delighted to find a super low mileage example, exactly on budget…

We’ve welcomed more cars into storage this month; if you love your car and want it stored safely and securely, you should talk to us – we offer a range of storage packages, all fully insured.

So, a busy workshop with some fantastic projects in progress and a growing portfolio of exceptional cars for sale.  In the coming weeks we’ll unveil our new website to showcase the range of services we provide owners of classic and performance cars – 2020 is already shaping up nicely!

Richard, Eli, Rob, Richard, Lee & Kerry

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