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The Lola Mk 6 GT is one of the most technically important GT racing cars ever constructed and provided the Ford Motor Company with the template to create the GT40 and indeed the Lola T70 that followed.

Lola founder Eric Broadley created the ground-breaking Mk6 GT in 1962 and was showcased to the public in January 1963 at the Olympia Racing Car Show, the stunning streamlined body designed by John Frayling of FRP, who had previously penned the type 14 Lotus Elite alongside Peter Kirwan-Taylor.

The car was rightly regarded as the star of the show and showcased a structure that paved the way for GT racing cars throughout the decade that followed. Only 3 examples of the MK6 GT were built before the project was acquired by Ford to form the backbone of its GT40 programme. The rest is history.

In 2000 we were privileged to rebuild the second of these examples as photographed above, the 1st production example and carried the chassis number LGT-1 for its then owner, who went on to race the car successfully before it was sold overseas. Back in 1963, LGT-1 was famously campaigned in the Le Mans 24 hours, running as high as 9th despite minimal testing, before crashing out due to gearbox issues.

At the time of the restoration, we created a brand new set of body moulds, as the originals weren’t initially available. After some time, the original moulds did surface and we were then able to create a composite mould that incorporated elements of those original moulds, although these carried some damage due to the passing of time, and the new set of moulds.

What we have here for sale are those recreated moulds, as seen above, with the car in ‘wide hip’ configuration. The moulds comprise front and rear clip and the central section, incorporating both ‘screens and doors, providing the buyer with a unique opportunity to create a tool room Replica or continuation Mk6 GT, utilising the correct components.

Please note that the images shown of the restored car is for illustrative purposes, to give an indication of what a finished Mk6 GT project could look like.  This vehicle is not owned by us and is not being marketed for sale by RH Classics.

We’d seriously considered doing that very thing, but a busy workshop prevents us from progressing this tantalising project, and hence we’re now offering them for sale. We also have a number of original parts from the restoration that we would be happy to include in the sale.

The Lola Mk6 GT is now just a footnote in racing car history, but having immersed ourselves in the 2 year restoration of the original car, we strongly believe it has sat in the shadows for too long. We would truly love to see a limited series of continuation cars take to the tracks against GT40s of the period.

If you have the appetite and ability to create a suitable chassis and drivetrain to sit underneath it, potentially modified from a GT40 replica chassis, this is a fantastic opportunity to produce something truly special. And in the year that the Hollywood blockbuster Ford v Ferrari (Le Mans ’66 for the UK) hits the big screen, what better time is there to embark on a Lola Mk6 GT project?

Please contact us for more details of this exciting project.