Pilbeam Judd 2003 MP91

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ModelJudd 2003 MP91

0 Miles since full engine rebuild by judd at a cost of £18k

580BHP at 9500RPM, Max power at 1000RPM but limited to 9500RPM for reliability and saftey.

Total car weight is 778KG, Full aero, downforce is between 900-1170KG at 150MPH depending on set up. Full areo test condusted at Mira

Fully refreshed Hewland NLT gearbox. 0 Hours since refresh. Manual shift with load sensor carbon clutch

AP carbon brakes, one race’s worth of use

Large spares package included. Driveshafts, suspention componaents, electricals and bodywork. Wheels, gear sets lights, radio, starter motor etc.

This is a up and running refreshed race car ready for competion. If you have a serious intrest a possible supported test session could be availible to show the cxar true potentional and to educate buyer about the systems. Further track suport availible.

Please contact to discuss further details.