Triumph SLR Project

We have been commissioned alongside TR Enterprises to build a tool room recreation of the only Triumph SLR ever constructed. The SLR started life as a production bodied Triumph TR4 and was used in competition from new in 1962 into early 1964.

At this point Christopher Lawrence of Lawrencetune, working with renowned coach builders Williams & Pritchard carried out extensive modifications to the car mechanically, which was then mated to a streamlined all aluminium bodyshell to a design also seen on 3 Morgan chassis of the period and known, unsurprisingly as Morgan SLR’s.

The SLR Triumph saw varying grid results over the next 3 years, but has happily continued in competitive racing all the way through to the present day, being prepared and maintained by TR Enterprises who we believe are amongst the best in the business when it comes to running and preparing Triumphs for historic motor racing.

This project is not only a labour of love for us, but is also a great showcase of our exceptional skills in creating bespoke aluminium bodywork using our English wheel, along with our breadth of expertise in restoration.  If you’d like to learn more, then please get in touch…

While TR Enterprises will be sourcing all of the mechanical components and the running gear, we are proud to re-create the aluminium body-shell. The original car has been first forensically measured by hand and then digitally scanned for millimetre accuracy.  We then created a wooden buck over which the aluminium outer skin will be formed, just as it would have been back in period.

The first stage of the project for us was the chassis and body mounting points. TR Enterprises sourced an excellent and original undamaged chassis for us to use as a template on which we could then mount the body.

The basic structure of the car is based around lightweight steel box sections purely to attach the inner panels to and the strength of the car will result from a combination of these inner box sections, along with the fabricated alloy structure, finished off with an integral internal roll cage.

The construction of the inner panels are fashioned from lightweight aluminium, gaining it’s strength from the various folds and box sections along with re-enforcing strips that are drilled and swaged for a combination of ‘added lightness’ and extra strength. Various subtle alterations have been made under the skin to improve the basic original design through experience gained in the intervening years since the original car was constructed, alongside improved quality of materials; all without any compromise to the visual integrity of the original Triumph SLR.

The aluminium panels are then riveted together ready for the outer skin.